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1962 Mopar Seatbelt Anchors

In 1962 manufacturers offered seat belt anchors as standard equipment.
  • Upper left drawing from Chrysler shows how floor padding is prepunched for installation of eyebolt
  • Bottom left drawing from Chrysler shows removal of disposable rubber plug and installation of eyebolt, washer and sealing ring. The split in the end of the bolt is slightly offset to bind withthe bearing plate threads -- this keeps the eyebolt screwed in.
  • Upper right drawing from Chrysler shows completed installation
  • Bottom right photograph shows eyebolt in a Chevy installation (sorry, that's what they used in the magazine!)
1962 Mopar Seatbelt anchors

Source: What's New for '62 in New '62 Cars by Bill Carroll, Science and Mechanics Publishing Company, Chicago, 1961, page 13.

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