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1964 Dodge Polara

Rich Kinsley writes: Installing the Poly 318 into my Mopar!

Here I am sitting inside the hood.
Installing a 318 Poly in a 1964 Dodge Polara 318

Installing a 318 Poly in a 1964 Dodge Polara 318 And Paul Lenneman and Terry Bohnert provided much needed help.
Paul is a member of the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse.
Terry belongs to my local Walter P. Chrysler Club. Terry has a
pink '68 'Cuda fastback with a bad 451 stroker from Muscle Motors.

Here was the Poly 318 as my house guest awaiting the installation. 318 Poly engine for a 1964 Dodge Polara

Update June 20, 2006

Installing headers in a 318 Poly in a 1964 Dodge Polara Installing the TTI headers & clearances:
The idler arm and tie rod end drug across
the front of two of the headers.
The torsion bar was right down on them too,
both of course on the passenger side.

I made up six motor mount shims and we tried
many combinations. It just got worse. We wound
up with an 1/8 inch shim on the driver’s side
and two small dings on the passenger side headers.

Maybe it would be possible to heat the idler and
bend it down just slightly to clear better?

We will try this out on the road for awhile first
(when I get the Dodge on the road).
Installing headers in a 318 Poly in a 1964 Dodge Polara
[2009: In retrospective:] The TTI headers were in my possesion for a couple years prior to installation; I bought them from another 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List member. So amidst the drooling and fondling the directions disappeared. But who needs them? Well if I had them I would have known that a really simple motor mount mod would have kept me from having to mess with shims and dent one pipe. Yeah, I got it too work but by the hard way. My advice, read the directions. smile!

Update July 30, 2006

I got the fuel lines finished to my handmade stainless fuel block. A guy named Bobby Magee in Lakewood, CA made it for me. It was a gift from my cousin.
318 Poly in a 1964 Dodge Polara Dual quads on 318 Poly in a 1964 Dodge Polara
318 Poly in a 1964 Dodge Polara 318 Poly in a 1964 Dodge Polara

Update September 14, 2006

Fire up! We had the break in run for my 318 (324) Poly.

Paul Lenneman, Terry Bohnert and my cousin Al Todd were helping me out.

All went well after we remembered to plug the dist harness in after priming the oil system.

The engine started up first lick then!

318 Poly in a 1964 Dodge Polara fires up 1964 Dodge Polara fires up

Update February 2009

Richard Kinsley’s 1964 Dodge 318ci (324ci) Poly V-8 as of January 2009

Cylinder Numbering: Left bank 1-3-5-7; Right bank 2-4-6-8

Firing order: 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

Timing: 10deg BTDC

Bore: (Stock) 3.91" --- Bored .040" =3.95"

Stroke: (Stock) 3.31"

Compression Ratio: 9.5 to 1

Engine gasket set: FelPro #FS7734 PT-2 NAPA

Pistons: Custom Ross forged aluminum, .040" over, with double spiral lock full floating pins (Campbell Enterprises $599) (804) 779-0888 Harold

Rods: Eagle SIR6123CB, full floating with ARP hardware (605gms vs. 720gms and 50% stronger) (Campbell Enterprises $259.95)

Piston Rings: Plasma Moly (Campbell Enterprises $129.95)

Main Bearings: Clevite 77, std-std (Campbell Enterprises $79.95)

Heads: Polyspherical, two valve (Gary Pavlovich package $373 with shipping)

Valves: Intake: 1.844" dia; Exhaust: 1.563" dia (Gary Pavlovich package cont.’d.)

Valve Springs: Heavier per Pavlovich for non-stock cam (Gary Pavlovich package cont.’d.)

Valve cover gaskets: FelPro VS11828R NAPA $16.44

T-stat gasket: 1040-ST NAPA $.54

Camshaft: Gary Pavlovich. Hot Street grind 224@.050; 264/.450" 222deg@.050; 264deg/.450" lift (Redline:222X23.54=5225 (Valve lash cold=.014" intake & exhaust) Lobe sep=111

Lifters: solid

Crank: Forged Stock standard polished

Oil Pump: Sealed Power #224-4166 (Stock) Campbell Ent.

HD Intermediate shaft $29.95 Campbell Ent.

Timing Chain: Cloyes double roller adjust a hex

Damper: Powerforce Harmonic Damper

Alternator (Lifetime warranty): NAPA #13-1001 $75.99 plus tx (35amp- to be replaced w/larger amp)

Voltage Gauge: Summit #SUM-G2939 2&5/8" dia $17.95

Gauge Panel: Summit #SUM-G2991 2&5/8" $2.95

Fuel Pressure gauge: Summit #SUM-800115 $16.95

Voltage Regulator: Summit#DCC-3690732 69-down $25.86 (Replaced w/Ron Francis VR-99 )

Ballast Resistor 1 ohm: Summit #DCC-5206436 $8.95

Ignition system: Mopar Electronic Ignition Conversion with Distributor, ballast resistor and Orange box. DCC-3690426 (Summit) $191.95

Ignition box replacement: NAPA Echlin TP51 $65

Spark Plug: Autolite 85 (Gap .035")

Coil: Accel Super Stock $36 (NAPA)

Plug Wires: Accel cut to fit - 8mm $36 (Changed to Taylor)

Plug wires: Taylor 8mm ready made

MSD Power Towers MSD#8805 ~$40 HP Motorsports (Not used - would not fit right; too loose)

Machining: Daly’s Machine Shop 13725 C Street, Omaha ,NE (402) 330-3300: Disassemble short block, $75: Hot tank, $60; Bore & Hone, $125; Balance, $140; Zero deck, $85;

Exhaust Headers: TTI $600

Exhaust System: 2 1/2" with Turbo dual mufflers ($483) -- Blown out by backfire

Mufflers: Super Dyno-max and H-pipe by All-Pro Muffler ($272) 7/22/08

Intake Manifold: Weiand WPD4D Alum. Dual four barrel

Intake manifold gaskets: FelPro MS9344 SH NAPA $13.99

Carburetors: Edelbrock 500cfm Manual choke model #EDL-1404 (Summit) $224.88 (Duals)

Carb mount gaskets: Transdapt #TDP 2033 HP Motorsport .97 cents

Carb recalibration kit for Eddy #1404 kit#1486 $56 ea.

Carb Accel pump nozzle kit: EDE #1475 HP Motorsport $25

Carb Linkage: Edelbrock dual-quad "High Tech Linkage" EDE 7094 $40.60 HP Motorsports

Handmade 1&3/8" carb spacers - MDX plywood with 4 holes and slots-POR-15 and clear coat

Throttle bracket: Lokar Summit $78.14 total (Good problem solver!)

Carb Return Spring: Summit SUM-G1320 Carb return spring chrome $6.95

Kickdown linkage: LOKAR cable (about $75)

Throttle Cable: Summit #LOK-TC-100HT Lokar $41.95

Fuel Pump: Holley High Performance 80 gph 1/4" fuel line (NAPA#12838) $80

Fuel regulator: HOL.12.803 $34 HP Motorsports

Fuel filter: Summit #EAR-230206ERL Earls -6 filter $37.39

Oil Filter: NAPA #1068

Water Pump: Flow Kool #BRA-1701 ~$97 Summit

T-stat by-pass hose: NAPA 7082 $6.69

Oil Pan: Mopar stock center sump with oil pick-up, dip stick tube and dipstick (Stock) Campbell Enterprises #5249061 A eng/318 $75.95

Drain plug gasket: NAPA 704-1953 $1.99

Windage Tray: Mopar kit Campbell Ent. #4529790 A eng/318 $74.95

Transmission: 727 pushbutton auto, 19 spline input shaft, transgo shift kit, rebuilt 3/18/05 for $459.06 Nebraska Transmission 500 West P street, Lincoln, NE 68528 (402) 476-6351 (Herb)

rans cooler: B&M Super cooler #70266 HP Motorsports

Trans Pan Gasket: Mopar #A82K pn2464324AC $13.70

Torque Converter: Dynamic Converters, 122 Sandy Dr., Suite F, Newark, DE, 19713 877-846-5876 #11795ESPO82XPIA 3000rpm stall 9&1/2" $718

Flex Plate: JW Performance XHD SFI solid flex plate $66.45 (Campbell Enterprises)

Transmission Oil: Mobil One Synthetic AT fluid

Engine oil: Rotella 15-40

Mini-Starter: Summit #SUM-820337 $134.95

High pressure PS hose NAPA #7-1108 @ $18.49

Low pressure PS hose NAPA # 8-1207 @ $11.49

Aeroquip 6AN hose, 6AN straight connectors.

Versa Shield 7X24 Summit #DEI-010402 $25.95

Tachometer Sunpro O’Reilley’s $35

Wheels: Rear - Pacer 144S-5805 - wheel: 15X8 - lug space: 5X4.5" Rallye with 4.25" back spacing $68 ea 2007

Front - Stock 14"- lug space 5X4.5"

Hub caps: Rear - Pacer 71-1009 Closed Baby Moon $19.75 ea 2007

Tires: BFG Radial T/A RWL P255/60R15 26.8" dia 10.2" width (on 7.5" ) 7-9" wheel sizes rec. $109 ea

Springs: Stock reworked at Inland Truck with one leaf added $177

Rear end: 489 from 1970 GTX with 8 3/4 gears, 3:91 ratio SureGrip, reworked @ Advanced Driveshaft $812; Fluid Royal Purple 75-90 $11.43qt with Mopar SureGrip additive A1M6 pn4318060AB $7.50

Driveshaft: Repaired with new U-joint and ball & trunion boot $138

Breather caps: K&N #62-1460 $18ea HP Motorsports

Air Cleaner: Edelbrock Pro-Flo #1209

Air Filters: K&N E3310 $31.99 ea HP Motorsports 2007

Headlight switch: NAPA Echlin #HL6571 $25.99 8-28-08 (replaced by Ron Francis unit)

Motor mounts: Advance Auto Parts PN#602227 (lft) and #602228 (rt) @ $7.77 ea

Trans mount: Imperial services: PN#632229 1 IS-101 Polyurethane trans mount ($89)

Wire Harness: Ron Francis XP-777 (SN:287685)-$440: VR-88 reg, , VR-99 reg harness $29

Update April 2009

1964 Dodge LeRoar decal Schuyler did this decal for me to place over where my ammeter used to be.

It will be illuminated when the lights are on. Is it cool or what!
1964 Dodge decal

1964 Dodge oil filter heat shield Also, I added a heat shield to the oil filter to protect it from the headers. (Like the heat shield I made for the fuel pump. 1964 Dodge oil filter heat shield installed

Speaking of heat, I have gone through about 3 semi-stock radiators in a quest to actually cool the beast. Finally I found an aluminum crossflow radiator from Summit with a trans cooler. I did have to take it to my radiator shop to have the lower neck repositioned. I also added a drain pitcock which it did not have. Even with all this work I only have about $330 total in it including a 16lb cap from Summit. I can't say how well it will work yet as I am not quite done. It certainly looks like I have more cooling area. I did have to fab some supports but anyone could just have the radiator shop install it. I doubt it would cost over $200 for that install. 1964 Dodge custom radiator
There was a small issue with the horns too as they were too close and I had to reshape the brackets for clearance. My custom battery box also had to be notched but it missed my battery OK. All in all it was not that hard to do and it looks very nice. I found some hoses that fit OK after some searching. I used a Gates 21673 on the top and a NAPA flex hose #FM-44 on the bottom. 1964 Dodge custom radiator

May 1, 2009 Update

Below is the final product of many hours working on the wire harness, fuel system and cooling system. The outcome was beyond my expectations. Not only does it look better but it also runs a lot better. Halleluiah!

1964 Dodge 318 Poly 1964 Dodge 318 Poly
1964 Dodge 318 Poly 1964 Dodge 318 Poly

It’s been a long haul. The completed project has surpassed my expectations! Thanks to a friend it has the nicest top tank cover you ever saw. It is mirror stainless and it was free.

And the Dodge runs like I added 100 HP to the car. Finally my wife said I hurt her neck when I hit the 1-2 shift. smile!

The ignition now has what it needs, apparently. The Polara was a dog last year, but I killed that sucker! What a relief. Here I come cruise night!

Update May 13, 2009

1964 Dodge Polara, front 1964 Dodge Polara, rear
 1964 Dodge Polara, Ron Francis wiring harness system
Ron Francis wiring harness system

Click on image for larger view
1964 Dodge Polara, decals on under hood area
1964 Dodge Polara, rear 1964 Dodge Polara, Yeah, it's a Poly bumper sticker
Yeah, it’s got a Poly bumper sticker

Update July 9, 2009

My Dodge is finally running great!

I have been documenting every change I make and listing the performance of the idle, bottom, cruise and top end. Then I went back and crossmatched parts to get the combo that looked right. After MUCH tweaking the Mopar really running good.

The hood is still off so the engine is very cool, the fuel line and carbs are cool and the spark is jumping well past specs.

After much fine-tuning, what I wound up with for my dual quad set-up on my Edelbrock 1404’s:


Primary jets = .086
Secondary jets = .095
Metering rods =6552
Accel nozzles #28   Mid position  
Rod spring = orange


Primary jets = .083     1 stage leaner
Secondary jets = .092     1 stage leaner
Metering rods = 6347     richer
Accel nozzles #28     No change but with max position
Rod spring = pink     1 notch stronger

Regarding tires and wheels: the front tire is BFG TA P215/70R15 on Pacer 15X7 #144S-5705 5X4.5. Rear tire is BFG TA P255/60R15 on Pacer 15X8 #144S-5805 5X4.5 about. The caps are Plain Rallye style from Pacer. The race tires are on old steel wheels 14X6.5? and are P215/60R14 BFG G-Force TA Drag Radials

Update August 2009

Pictures of the electric fuel pump install:

1964 Dodge Polara electric fuel pump installation
1964 Dodge Polara electric fuel pump installation 1964 Dodge Polara electric fuel pump installation

Update September 2009

I am having fun at the Geezer Drags at MidAmerica Motorplex near Glenwood, IA on 8/29/09.
The facility is an 1/8 mile dragstrip with a road course beside it.

Lining up to race in the pit area. 1964 Dodge Polara at Drag Strip
Staging for race against homemade roadster w/292 Chevrolet 6 1964 Dodge Polara at Drag Strip
Starting of race with homemade roadster. I win with 10.447 to a 10.673. 1964 Dodge Polara at Drag Strip
I lose to a 1969 Dodge. My 10.413 to his 7.556 (Where did he go?) 1964 Dodge Polara at Drag Strip
L-R Paul Lenneman, Rich Kinsley, Steve Micks 1964 Dodge Polara Pit Crew
I beat a Pontiac. My 10.349 to his 11.544. 1964 Dodge versus Pontiac at Drag Strip

Please note that I improved with every run! My best run at a recent test and tune was a 10.03. I will be going again and I WILL break into the 9’s — The Dodge is running better every day!

Update September 2009

A race between me and the stepson in his Mustang Cobra:

1964 Dodge at drag strip versus Mustang

1964 Dodge versus Mustang at drag strip

Update October 13, 2009

I have tested and tuned the carburetors and ended up with this arrangement:

Primary jets = .089 (2 stages rich)
Secondary jets = .098 (1 stage rich)
Rods = 6347
Springs = Plain (Strongest available)
Accel pump nozzle = .33 (Next size up from stock)
Accel pump setting = Mid (May increase to Max)
Total jet size at WOT is .496 (Almost a half inch of gas! Not a “green” car.)   smile!

This set-up made the 9.739@69.91 run in the 1/8th mile with my 4000lb car as run.

Update March 2010

I put in a new fuel sender.Check out the new and old pick-ups showing the “sock” someone tied onto the old filter because it was split. Amazing. Maybe that was hampering fuel flow.

Fuel sender and sock repair Fuel sender and sock repair Fuel sender and sock repair Fuel sender and sock repair

Update August 2010

My friend Dan Zac has fabricated a fan shroud for the Poly 318!

Custom fan shroud for a Poly 318
Custom fan shroud for a Poly 318 Custom fan shroud for a Poly 318
Custom fan shroud for a Poly 318 Custom fan shroud for a Poly 318
Custom fan shroud for a Poly 318

I like!

As a good test I participated in a local parade and the Dodge made it through without any problems. It was about 90 degrees and the parade lasted a little over an hour. The temperature gauge would set on 180, then head a tad higher, and pop back down to 180. Apparently the thermostat is functioning. So I’d have to say the shroud was a success!

1963 Plymouth versus 1964 Dodge at 2010 Geezer Drags
Paul Lenneman’s 1963 versus Rich Kinsley’s 1964 in the 1/8 mile Geezer Drags at Mid-America Motorplex: the Dodge went 9.84 and the Plymouth 10.06. The 1963 had traction issues!

Update October 2010

My Dodge was at the Strategic Air and Space Museum from October 20, 2010 until April 17, 2011 -- tucked under the wing of a B-47 -- for the Fast cars. Fast planes. Fast bikes. promotion.

1964 Dodge at air force display
Click on image to view. Click on new image to see a large version.

Update July 2011

I tried my hand at cam degreeing by first checking the original cam. I found it only had .396 inch lift instead of .450 inch. That was due to the rocker ratio being 1.38 instead of 1.5 as advertised. So I guess it is amazing it ran as good as it did with such a small lift. I also installed a new cam and tested it on number 1 cylinder and found that I will have to wait for new worked heads before I can use the new cam. The springs will bind as there is only .008 inch clearance at max lift. It would probably bend a pushrod. I pulled the heads and removed the engine. I want to solve some oil leaks and I think the front trans seal is leaking. I left the transmission in the car.

1964 Dodge poly 318 cam degree

Update date unknown

I did some tuning.

1964 Dodge tuning

We added a hood scoop.

1964 Dodge adding hood scoop

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Looking good Rich!   smile!

Gary H.

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