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1964 Dodge 330

Rich Kinsley writes: Here I’m racing my 1964 Dodge 330 2 door,
383 4 bbl, 4 speed, 3:23 SureGrip Dodge at Lion’s Drag Strip
on September 20, 1964.

I was racing a Pontiac GTO and I beat him.
My time was 15.5 sec @ about 89mph. I know that doesn’t
sound great but that beat most cars then I ran across.

I was 21 then and I was drafted the day before Thanksgiving in 1964.
That ended my relationship with my favorite '64 Dodge and have
to leave the Dodge to my brother.
1964 Dodge 330 racing in 1964

This was the favorite day of my life! I even have an 8mm movie of this race!

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Wow Rich!

Neat picture and great memories!   smile!

Gary H.

October 21, 2005; revised February 22, 2009

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