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1963 Plymouth Sport Fury

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Bob writes: I am a big Mopar fan and actually have worked for Chrysler (FCA) for 34 years. Consequentially, this 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury is one of the many Mopars I have "completed" over the years -- as if any car restoration is ever done! (I currently have 4 that are "done" including two 1930's Plymouth street rods with Mopar power and a 1956 Chrysler Town & Country wagon. The current project is a 1936 Chrysler Airflow.)

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury, driver side

As you can see, the Sport Fury is certainly not stock, but remains completely old Mopar. The engine is a .30 over 383, aluminum heads, single four barrel carburetor, built by Muscle Motors in Lansing, Michigan. Very streetable at 408HP.

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury, engine 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury, engine

1963 Plymouth Sport Fury, interior 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury, instrument cluster

The Plymouth has been a big hit since "completed" two years ago -- we've driven the Fury a little over 2000 miles since then!

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April 2018

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