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1962 Plymouth Sport Fury

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Mark writes: After three years of restoration, I took the first test drive on January 12, 2019. Since then I have worked out the assorted restoration glitches, like uncalled for noises.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, front

Restoring the 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury was a four year project. It started when I bought the car as a shell, from a Mopar collector in North Carolina who had acquired the car twenty years ago. During the process of searching for sources and guidance as I started the restoration, I found the 1962 – 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse group. Over the past four years, this group has provided technical guidance, recommended parts suppliers, and provided restoration tips, many that are unique to 1962 to 1965 Mopars.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury script on deck lid

Following are a few of the items the group recommended:unibody structural improvements, suspension improvements, engine rebuild, driveline improvement, electrical upgrades and tuning tips.

This guidance has saved me time and money and eliminated much of the frustration that comes with restoring a model of which the Plymouth built only 1516 with three different trim options based on build date.

The Sport Fury was restored to original condition; painted in factory Cherry Red with interior covered in red and black vinyl in the original pattern. (View undercarriage showing factory primer details.)

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, driver front fender

Safety improvements added were: front disc brakes, shoulder belts with seat back locks and seat belts in the rear, and bias-look radial tires.

The engine is a 1962 date-coded HP 413, bored to .030 over, with larger valves, a purple Mopar cam, original dual point distributor, dual Carter four barrel AFB's on a Mopar cast iron manifold, with the center heat passage blocked off. The radiator is a stock big block with an extra thired row of cooling with a Flowcooler water pump. The engine ran at 405 HP on the Dyno.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, engine 1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, engine

The transmission is an aluminum TorqueFlite with a shift kit and a 2500 stall converter coupled to an HD slip yoke driveshaft with 3:55 SureGrip rear and dual 2 1/2" diameter Street Wedge exhaust system.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, passenger side, rear
1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, interior

Thanks to Gary H.for bringing together the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse Group and all the members that have provided guidance, parts, and shared their knowledge for the past three years. It has been a fun project.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury, rear

Now the fun of driving the Plymouth makes it worthwhile!

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September 2019

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