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Reparing a Mopar Emblem

David's 1962 Polara 500 needed restoration of the 500 scripts. He asked the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse members for advice:

What type of metal was used for Dodge emblems in the 1960's? I have two '500' scripts. One has one pin missing, the other has both pins missing.

1962 Polara 500 emblems 1962 Polara 500 emblems

Is there a way to restore the pins? Or, fasten them using an adhesive?
Also, any recommendations for having them re-chromed?

Gary P. replied:

Most of the bezels and emblems were pot metal and are subject to pitting but can be restored and re-chromed. Broken fastening pins is common but can also be repaired. I have several hood letters with broken pins and my fix will be to gently drill out the broken stud/pin and insert a "new" pin and fasten it with JB Weld.
There are no new pins but salvage metal or other pin-type materials can be substituted for the original pin. Since my hood letters have small delicate pin type fasteners, I will be using rivet pins which will be much stronger & straighter than the originals.
Your fastening pins may be a bit thicker/larger diameter and you may investigate using some metal bar stock from...your local hardware store in the proper diameter, then cut to fit.

MO replied:

Install a very small diameter machine screw. You can buy a set of the size thread tap you want, and the proper size drill bit for it. Get two nuts that fit your machine screw, and jam lock them together. Cut the slotted screw head off and then you have a stud. Thread the stud into your newly drilled and tapped hole. Grind the burr off where you cut the head off, back off the nuts to straighten the threads. You get a new stud with the right sized nut.

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